Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just seeing if this works... Trying to post my etsy items to my Facebook page and here on my blog! It works!!

New Photography!

I'm determined to get my product photos streamlined and synched from facebook to etsy to my blog. Consistency is key here! Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Etsy store is back up and running! Check out a few of our new items!



NEW Packaging has arrived at OWL PAPER SCISSORS!

I'm must say, I'm very excited about my new packaging idea... Clothesline Hanging Kits now come in a cute little Mason Jar... and each one is going to come with Instructions and everything needed to Hang up your stuff! I was pretty fond of my old packaging but this really feels more like a great-gift idea and a perfect fit for the product.  Plus I added two additional clothespins... Let me know what you think of it!

Basic Instructions now answer the
 simple question of what is a
Clothespin Hanging Kit
and how do I hang it up?
Lid Design: Cute and Simple!
Jar Contents:
Hanging Instuctions
8 Clothespins,
3 Feet of Twine, and two
eye hook screws

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Very cool website! ShutterCal.com


I've always wanted to try a photo-a-day project where you take a different photo a day for 365 days but honestly I didn't really know what I would do with all the pictures?

This, to me is an amazing website giving me exactly the tools that I need to pull this kind of project off. Very simple... You upload your photo each day and your pictures are placed visually in calendar format on the site. Then after the month is over, they send you a set of Polaroids of each day of that month. Best part is, they are all organized by date and it's only $15 a month including shipping!! Also, they sell cute little boxes to "house your photos." ... And of course they also have the iPhone app so you can upload from your phone too!

I've already started taking my pictures... 4 days down 361 to go!! Who wants to join me??

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Is your 2012 resolution to print out your digital photos????

I may have just the solution for you!

So, I absolutely LOVE pictures! Anyone who knows me well will vouch for that! I take pictures all the time and have literally tens of thousands on my computer and uploaded to Shutterfly.com.

I, like most crafty moms, have scrapbooked some, printed some, given some as gifts and made a few random photo books here and there but most of them sit... on the computer... waiting to be printed.  

So, this year I made the resolution to print (at least some... of them!).  The problem is, is the process is completely overwhelming and I just keep thinking "what in the world am I going to do with them?" I don't really want to get frames for them (too expensive and too time consuming) and where am I going to hang them anyways.  I don't really want to scrapbook them, because I am WAY too far behind and I just simply don't have time... and I don't want to make photo books either because I can't decide on which ones I want to use and in what order and if I should separate between each kid or holidays or vacations or what... seriously! Way too much thought process!  This is where I usually give up on the idea of printing out pictures... 

So... this is what I did... this time... and it was very SIMPLE and very EASY and I love the way it turned out... and it put a smile on my face to look thru the old photos and memories and even more happier to have them printed out.

I decided for every month of 2012, I am going to print and hang up pictures from that particular month from years past.  So I went to my Shutterfly account and chose just 10-12 of my favorites from January only. (going back to the year my daughter was born).  That is it just 10-12 so you are not overwhelmed. You can do it! I printed them out and hung them using my clothesline photo hanging kit :) 

... you can find them on facebook under owl paper scissors 

The whole process took about an hour of my time to look thru and print and not even 10 minutes to hang up.  I am already thinking about the photos I want to use for February!  

I'm thinking too, after January has gone by and I take these down and put up another month I can transfer them to a scrapbook or photo album by month and it is a simple way to scrapbook some :)

My "line" is made using one of the kits I had already made but this inspired me create month-to-month themed kits that can be changed out accordingly :) So, I will be working on that in the next couple days!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mini Owl Clipboard

How adorable is the colorful print of
 these little Owls? Mini clipboards are the
perfect gift for the Birthday girl that has it all!